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Queens Links partners with Somebody Cares

Queens Links are proud to be partnering with Somebody Cares.

Somebody Cares is currently based at Somebody Cares House in Greenwell Road, Aberdeen, and has been registered in Scotland since August 2003, committed to transforming people’s lives, especially those who need food, clothing, furniture and household goods.

They are by far the largest charity organisation in Aberdeen that provides necessary items to the city and region’s people in need, and all for free. They work with over 90 agencies in the region and donated much needed items to over 21,000 families and individuals last year.

They aim to achieve their commitments by working in partnership with all the people who are willing to support our cause, welcoming all other charity organisations, companies and individuals to join forces with them to improve the impact they have already made over the past 15 years.


The Somebody Cares’ commitment to those in need in the local area is defined as :

  1. Social Responsibility : Somebody Cares is committed to “being people who make a difference” and hence being there for tens of thousands of people who are in real difficulties and great need in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. It is our deep desire that everyone across the city of Aberdeen and surrounding communities are aware of what we are trying to do to help people in need, by providing (FOR FREE) the items necessary to allow them the basic comforts most of us take for granted – such as food, furniture and clothing. We also engage the services of people who, for reasons of debt or bad judgement, are in Community Service positions, helping to give them back their self-respect, and showing them a better path ahead. Our major initiatives enhance good social and community life, and respect for human dignity within our city.
  2. Environmental Responsibility - In addition to the Social Responsibility of providing care to people in need, Somebody Cares also plays a big part in Environmental Responsibility, not only with the sale of second-hand goods, but also in the up-cycling and renovation of furniture, and the careful disposal of unwanted items such as bags of old clothing. We have an effective organisation structure in place which is dedicated to collecting unwanted, pre-loved items from the homes of those who want to give them away, and delivering them to the homes of those who desperately need them, thereby helping the people of Aberdeen to play their part in their own environmental responsibility.